A peek inside conservation education in Papua New Guinea

By current PhD student Bridget Henning

The community of Wanang in the remote lowland rainforest of Madang province, Papua New Guinea, recognizes that industrial logging will destroy their way of life, but they also want the development opportunities that logging promises, such as roads, transportation, education, access to healthcare, and income.  In a propitious arrangement, 11 landowning clans have agreed to forego logging for the opportunity to have long–term scientific research conducted on their land.  The research project and its supporters bring employment opportunities and the first school in the area.  My doctoral research focuses on understanding the perspectives of the various stakeholders and how they value this project.  The following video depicts the Wanang Conservation School and its students in an initial introduction for an exchange with an elementary school in Barnum, MN.

About the author: Bridget Henning is a 3rd year PhD student in the Conservation Biology Program. She’s currently working in Papua New Guinea.