FWCB Quantitative Ecologist – candidate interviews

Many faculty members in the Conservation Biology Graduate Program are based in the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Department. A new faculty position was recently advertised in FWCB for a Quantitative Ecologist. This appointment will have many important teaching and research implications for the department, as well as the CB graduate program. Four individuals were selected among the dozens that applied for the position. Beginning this week, candidates for the position will be interviewed on campus. Graduate student lunches will be held on the Wednesday of each week at 12-1 in 224 Hodson Hall. A research seminar will also be given on the same day at 3pm in 495 Hodson Hall. Student opinions are influential in informing the hiring process and we strongly encourage students to attend the lunches and research seminars. Needless to say, the student lunches will have free food and beverages. All research seminars can be accessed online if you cannot attend in person. Please contact Nancy Rothman in the FWCB office for more information about the candidates.

The first lunch will be this Wednesday (2/27) with Dr. Charles Yackulic. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Charles Yackulic, Research Statistician for the U.S. Geological Survey, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center. Dr. Yackulic received his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2009 from Columbia University in NY. His research focuses on species distribution dynamics, animal movement, and population ecology.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts about the candidates!